Platiquemos Spanish Course

Platiquemos Spanish Course

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Downloads of the Platiquemos Basic Spanish Course
This edition has improved audio with both male and female voices and over 200 illustrations with factoids, and the content is more contemporary than ever. This new version has retained the same grammatical and language content that has made this the most widely sold course on the language market. This basic Spanish Course is designed for people who need to learn a language completely and quickly. It is an eight-level course that once completed will enable you to understand spoken and written Spanish. It will also allow you to actively engage in conversations with an abundant vocabulary of several thousand words. This is a digital edition of Platiquemos, with MP3 audio and PDF text, with downloads available for all levels. 

You're set on learning Spanish, which is great, but have you considered the idea of switching over to a more modern way to do that? What if I told you that you could use the reliable resources that you know and trust, but have it all together for you in mp3s? Yes, seriously. Spanish downloads are available and will offer you the best ways to learn Spanish longterm.

The world's best Spanish course just got better! Don Casteel, fluent in several languages and a former Foreign Service Officer, is well trained in the FSI method, and has completely revised and improved "the course that works."

This is the trusted and reliable program designed by Don Casteel, a well loved language expert, and now you'll be able to have him help you learn Spanish through downloads right to your favourite device so you're learning on your own schedule and anywhere that you choose to.

This has 8 levels available, and you'll be able to start from beginner and work your way up to the level of your choosing. This will help you in learning both spoken and written Spanish so that you are going to be able to get the information that you want and need with zero need to compromise on it.

This is designed for fast learning so that you'll be able to get talking as fast as you'd like. Perfect for the modern learner on the go who needs to know how to speak Spanish.

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"I know of no method of teaching a foreign language that even approaches the quality..."
    Lawrence S. Eagleburger, Former Secretary of State